Nicki Minaj: Creative Or Clown?

Let’s see Nicki Minaj, where shall we begin? When Nicki Minaj first came on the scene with her Black bone straight hair, tamed manufactured ascetics and memorable rhymes, she was trying really hard to build her fan base off a few mix tapes and homemade videos. A few years, a number one debut album and a Grammy nomination later, it is safe to say that this female rapper is changing the game one multi-colored knotted wig at a time. No matter what Lil’ Kim might proclaim, Nicki Minaj is definitely in season.

With the Young Money artist being in such high-demand, it was no surprise seeing her blazing the streets for Mercedes Benz Fashion week. At the height of fashion’s biggest night out, the blogs were abuzz with photographs of Minaj’s Asian inspired mod look. As Yves St. Laurent’s guest of honor, she caused a huge ruckus. A few days later a few flicks surfaced of her sitting front row alongside fashion goddess and VOGUE magazine editor Anna Wintour. Even seeing pass the awkwardness of the two, I begin to think that Nicki Minaj is really a muse for leading fashion houses, editors and fashionistas alike. Perhaps her forced outrageous style is paying off giving her that ‘moment of life’ she alluded to.

Recently, a few tweets surfaced from leading industry brands criticizing her look at the Prabal Gurung 2012 Runway show. During the show, Minaj sported some patterned leggings, a layered laced tutu, a hot pink pretzel necklace and an oversized pink bow. Elle UK tweeted, “We thought it was Gaga at Prabal, it was Nicki Minaj. Pink hair confusion #nyfw.” While the New York Times Editor, Eric Wilson also tweeted about her appearance saying, “Nicki Minaj on her clown/ballerina ensemble at Prabal: “Some stuff I threw together.”

After hearing those atypical comments, I was shocked because Nicki Minaj has been well received in the fashion industry. Everyone seems to be in love with her ability to take on imaginative and fashion-forward looks. Since her creation, she has graced the covers of international high fashion magazines such as Glamour, Elle and V Magazine. She’s been seen rocking everything from YSL, Dolce & Gabbana, Tom Ford, Christian Louboutin and Giuseppe Zanotti– to name a few.

Outside creating a frenzy, Nicki Minaj’s look has no thesis. Whatever happened to effortless style? Has that era died and went on? Apparently so because majority of our favorite entertainers have created alter egos or characters contradictory to their lifestyle off camera. The music business is a billion dollar industry built around faux characters and personalities. With en vogue individuals dominating the industry like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry and the late Sasha Fierce, music executives know the power of marketing. Not only know the power but also know the type of revenue an artist like Nicki Minaj can bring in. Her team realizes she has to compete to stay afloat or at least in the top 10 on the Billboard charts.

Hopefully Nicki Minaj gets the opportunity to find and perfect her fashion sense. I’m praying she has nothing to do with this “edgy” looks. Nicki Minaj is at the beginning of her career and clearly it shows this week at fashion week. She is seeking attention. She is desperately trying to find that “wow” factor while chasing that industry dollar. I would never knock anyone’s hustle. Nowadays, talent is simply not enough for people to stay relevant. At the end of the day– creative or clown– she’s taking off her clown clothes and cashing in at the bank, again at what cost.

I appreciate personal style and individuality but once you get to a point where it appears you’re crying for attention or a walking circus act, the act needs to stop. Show over. Curtain closed. Fin. Send out the clowns!