Nicki Minaj Gets Fly In High Fashion For “Glamour”

We’re sure you were just as confused as we were when Nicki Minaj showed up to this year’s VMAs looking something like a walking Toys ‘R Us. But while we know that the zany Gaga of hip-hop likes to shock with her style (how ‘bout that SARS mask?), Miss Minaj is also proving that she knows how to fiercely replicate the runway. In Giuseppe Zanotti-designed sneakers (made specially for the Nick Star), a black Mark Fast, bright red Tom Ford tights and several other designer threads, the rap-popstress proves that she’s can be fly in high fashion!

Check out Nicki rocking some of the hottest Fall 2011 fashion trends in this recent Glamour feature, where she expresses her affinity for booties and notes Marilyn Monroe as one of her muses. “I’ve always adored Marilyn Monroe—mostly for her facial expressions in her pictures.”

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