Peep This – Jamie Foxx’s ‘Thunder Soul’ In Theaters Now

Everyone had at least one teacher in life who influenced them in a major way. For a group of Houston, Texas high school kids, that teacher was Conrad “Prof” Johnson. Prof wasn’t just any teacher, he was the musical director of the Kashmere Stage Band back in the 1970s.

Jamie Foxx’s Thunder Soul chronicles how Prof turned Kashmere High School’s mediocre jazz band into a legendary funk powerhouse that reigned as champions in various competitions and performances around the world. Now, 35 years later, former students of the band prepare to pay tribute to the 92-year-old man who changed their lives as children. Some haven’t played their horns in decades, yet they are still determined to retake the stage to show Prof and the world that they’ve still got it, and how much being in the band meant to their lives.

Check out the trailer:

Thunder Soul is truly an inspirational story about faith, mentorship and how positive reinforcement and some discpline can go a long way. It’s in theaters today. Check your local listings.