Peep This: Lady Gaga Recognizes ‘Basketball Wives’ Laura And Gloria Govan [Photos]

While out and about making rounds during NYC Fashion Week, LA Basketball Wives’ Laura and Gloria Govan ran into pop superstar Lady Gaga. The chance encounter took place on Tuesday (Sept. 13) in front of the Time Warner Center. Surprisingly, Gaga is also a fan of the VH1 reality show. The wives spoke with Life & Style about meeting Gaga and how she told them she knew who the wives were:

“She said she didn’t get to watch that much TV, but she really likes the show when she gets to watch it!” Gloria said to Life & Style. “She was like ‘Wow, you guys are the Basketball Wives, aren’t you!’ It was so amazing that she knew who we were!” Laura adding: “We were not expecting that from Lady Gaga!” 

Are you surprised that Gaga is hip to ‘Basketball Wives LA’?

Props ? Life & Style

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