Power Couple? 5 Reasons Bow Wow and Angela Simmons Should Get Back Together

From VIBE–Are Bow Wow and Angela Simmons getting back together? Back in April, he said that he was absolutely not reuniting with his former flame. And he sounded pretty convincing. “Like in school, a girl and guy can never just be homies,” he told AllHipHop. “So I want all the media and press to stop saying I have a girl…Man, I’m single as a George Washington dollar bill, man. Straight up. It’s all about my work and putting in the grind and the effort.”

However, we’re not entirely convinced of that. Just a few months after he had his first child with model Miss Joie, Bow Wow and Angela were spotted kicking it on the beach in Miami earlier this week to celebrate her 24th birthday. They were also caught canoodling in the club at a party in her honor. So while they might be claiming that they’re not together, it certainly seems like they could be getting cozy again.

And, you know what? We’re not mad at that. Not at all. In fact, we actually think that Bow Wow and Angela should try and pursue a relationship again. Aside from the fact that they obviously enjoy one another’s company, it’d also be great for both of their careers. So to try and push these two ex-lovers back together, we put together a list of the five reasons we think they should get back together. So, what do you say, guys?

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