The Queens Called KING

I’m in love with these women. I knew them and didn’t know I did. First heard them sampled on Kendrick Lamar’s “Chapter Six” track of his incredible #Section.80 album. I must’ve played that song for days at a time. Then weeks later VIBE Music Editor JFK put me on to the 3-song EP they released, titled The Story.

Beyond having the best group name ever (for obvious reasons that are close to me) the trio has captured the soul that Erykah Badu has made a career on, but in three-part harmony. On the standout track “Hey” the ladies float through the feather-light melody and land on a vocal break that becomes the basis for Kendrick’s “Chapter Six”. Like I said, I’m in love. Take a listen…


Now after a bit of digging (really some Google search words), I found this video of the lovelies chatting it up with the homies at Parlour Magazine. I have to say that Paris, the one in the middle, is after my heart. This interview showcases the genuine love they have for one another and the common thread of musical passion that lives within them. The easy smiles and giggly answers are also a breath of fresh air from artists that aren’t afraid of being themselves in front of the people. Their easygoing nature may very well be due to the newness of their fast tracked celebrity, but regardless, it’s much welcomed.

Once I found the interview video, I stumbled across a live performance clip of the ladies at this summer’s Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza (BHCP) concert series. Gotta love the way Anita (in the white) moves her hips to release those sugarcoated vocals. Amber (on the right) gets into a zone with the light register tone reminiscent of a younger Amy Winehouse.

And finally, “The Story” video for the first single from the EP of the same name. Can’t wait to see what else these amazing women have to bring to the masses. —Datwon Thomas