Reality’s Angels: Kita Williams & Monique Jackson Help Define Your Pretty

Kita WilliamsVIXEN: What are you ladies bringing to the show this time around?
What we want people to know is that we are real business women. We know our viewers are just catching up to what publicists do, but we’re also Terrell’s business partners. People don’t understand that we created and executive produce and star in The T.O. Show. We’re the first–no it wasn’t Shaunie [O’Neal]–women of color to create, star in and executive produce a reality show. The T.O. Show was the first sports reality show ever on a network such as VH1 and now they have all the other shows that follow behind.

Now you have shows like Basketball Wives and La La’s Full Court Life, so it was because of The T.O. Show having great ratings the first season that they thought people did want to see athletes’ wives or what have you. It took us six years to sell the show idea; we took six years to go from Bravo to E! Entertainment to MTV, [and] no one believed in the little brown girls that could. We mixed beauty and brains, and we didn’t get where we are because we slept with an athlete. We break bread and we break deals. Because at the end of the day, we want to be a positive role model for our young black women out there who look at these shows and think they’re not a “factor.” We realize our platform and take it very seriously because we’re tired of not being depicted as classy or intelligent or having self-respect.

The type of women you’re describing above is closely related to the women we see on Basketball Wives. Do you feel like that type of woman is not someone that people should be viewing on TV?
We live in America, so there’s a freedom of speech. With that freedom of speech, you have the right be whatever, say whatever and do whoever you want to. I’m just not that woman, and the women I surround myself with are not those types of women. You obviously seen the clip on how I feel about Evelyn. I still feel that way, and I’ll probably still feel that way tomorrow. There’s no need for a woman to not take responsibility or not value herself enough to sleep with another woman’s husband. I would not put myself in a position to call someone a non-motherfucking factor. Tami was [Kenny Anderson’s] wife and mother of his kids, and Evelyn was clearly the jump-off. [Evelyn] dated Antoine Walker and was his fiancé for 10 years, so what does that say about you and what you’re willing to stand for and not stand for? How can you be okay with saying to your daughter, who’s of dating age, that it’s okay for you meet, greet and sleep with a man all in the same night? That’s not acceptable for me.

Kita: The main thing is that’s just a glimpse of why we say we want to continue to be positive black women. Basketball Wives has high ratings because they’re fighting and they’re catty.

Monique: ‘I don’t agree with violence, but you have every right to whoop my ass’ is what Evelyn should have said. I’m not an Evelyn hater, I was just asked a question at an event and got a little loosed-lipped.