Rihanna Video Shoot Halted By Confused Farmer

International star Rihanna could not use her name to prevent a North Ireland farmer for calling the stops on her latest video shoot in Northern Ireland.

The fiery-headed singer ceased production Monday while filming the music video for her newest single “We Found Love,” when a conservative farmer saw her perform without a shirt on his grain field in Bangor, County Down.

Farmer Alan Graham had granted Rihanna permission to use his land but climbed off his tractor to protest when he saw her topless, even if he had no idea who she was.

I did not know on Friday who was coming, but if the name Rihanna had have been mentioned to me the name would have meant nothing to me,” Graham told the Belfast Telegraph.

The Barbados native wore a red-checkered flannel shirt and changed into a stars-and-stripes bikini, a red bra and a mesh top before going topless in front of a crowd of fans and media.

“The state of dress was becoming inappropriate,” Graham said. “I had my conversation with Rihanna regarding that and I hope she understands where I’m coming from and we shook hands and we parted company on good enough terms.”

The 23-year-old singer is in Ireland preparing for three sold-out shows this weekend at the Odyssey Arena. –Adelle Platon