Skin Deep: Chanel Expands Color Spectrum For Foundation

Next time you’re browsing the Chanel counter in your local department store, don’t just look at the nail polishes, make sure to take a peek at their foundations. The luxury cosmetics brand is expanding the color spectrum with their new foundation, Perfection Lumiere. Perfection Lumiere contains a flexible, biopolymer and two types of hemispeherical powder (a fancy way to say the foundation reflections light and blurs imperfections) and will last up to 15 hours giving your skin a semi-matte finish. The foundation, once launched in September will contain 23 shades, a vast improvement over the 12 shades that brand currently offers with most of it’s existing foundations where the darkest shade is ‘Chesnut,’ a medium brown.

Well, thanks Chanel. It’s about time.

Tags: Beauty