Snuffing Season: Did Teyana Taylor Really Beat Up Her Movie Director?

Apparently you should never mess with Teyana Taylor if you see her nursing a tooth. According to TMZ, the curly-coiffed hotshot claims she got into a gory brawl with the director of Gang of Roses 2, a film both Teyana and Amber Rose are set to star in, after he refused to let her head home to care for a tooth ache. 

Teyana says she pleaded with the director, Jean-Claude La Marre, to be taken home by car service. However, La Marre supposedly wasn’t having that and they jumped into a verbal altercation after Teyana’s several requests. The 20-year-old claims La Marre shouted back, “Don’t f–king scream at me bitch” and mushed her in the face, hitting her tooth. 

La Marre’s side of the story is that was only practicing self-defense after Teyana jumped on him and started taking jabs, but he never hit her. 

However, Teyana put up shots of her jeans stained with blood and a ripped shirt. Her folks are considering legal action while La Marre says the only reason he didn’t file out of his defencse is because “she’s 20-years-old and I’m 40 … kids lash out.”

That doesn’t mean La Marre’s letting tomboy Teyana slide. He supposedly has plans of killing off her character in the film. 

More as this story develops.