Tahiry Reveals Why She Declined Joe Budden’s Proposal

Smooth Magazine celebrated their 10th anniversary earlier this week and Mashonda, Tahiry and Murda Mook came through. 50 cent was the honoree as he was the ones behind the lens for the cover, who knew 50 was so multi-talented? Mashonda didn’t speak out on ex husband’s marital affairs but did reveal she has begun a clothing line. She show-case one of her designs (a black mesh dress) wore by Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams. And since she’s a designer she must wants to talk about Lil Wayne’s jeggings but that was a negative. Seems like everyone is just as embarrassed as we were seeing Lil Wayne frolicking the MTV stage in those zebra pants.  

Tahiry gave some insight on her relationship with Joe Budden or lack there of. She explained that they have a lot to work on before the two can actually be together even though Budden proposed and she didn’t accept. Murda Mook was also on the red carpet to spill the tea on what’s going on in his career. He recently signed with Ruff Ryders and explain why he signed with a record company that hasn’t been out for years. “I wanted somebody that was street credible and that was hungry as I was. RR hasn’t been out for awhile I figured they needed an artist that can compel them back to where they were rightfully on the throne.” But he’s expected to release new material soon, including a mixtape with DJ Khaled and a new track with Akon and Jadakiss.