The Do’s and Don’ts To Cuffing Season

3. Don’t go hard with your approach.
When on the search for cuffing season prospects, be smart and creative about it. Vixens, be weary of those ex’s that come creeping out the wood works. You know their style, so if you’re expecting something more than you already know they can give, that may not be the boo thang for you this season.

4. Do know what you’re getting into.
This season goes beyond a booty call. It involves investing some time and attention, even if it is kept to a minimum. If you are looking purely for some companionship, and not necessarily someone to be your ride or die for the rest of the year, then make that clear from the get-go. Find a like minded individual, and remember that honesty is always the best policy!

5. Do be prepared to put in work.
Like previously stated, cuffing season is more than a booty call. This includes dates and chivalrous acts. Don’t think laying up in the house watching movies and eating take-out is going to cut it all winter long. It’s okay for you guys to leave the house.