The New Winter Plan: 7 Ways To Combat Those Cold Weather Woes

Hey, Vixens, how many times have you said to yourself that you were going to uphold your health regimen post-summertime and failed? Face it: between the onset of frigid weather conditions and the gloom of incoming gray skies, sweatshirt season (and sweet potato pie) makes it all-too-easy to slack on our anatomical welfare. Don’t lie in defeat! This time around, we’ve put together a list of seven simple ways you can find some motivation to both spark some activity and preserve your sexy. Ready to make a change and win the battle against lethargy?

Here’s how:

1. Do get some sleep
Getting at least seven hours of beauty rest a night will not only have you looking radiant come sunrise, but it’s also a beneficial weapon against wintertime overindulgence. Yes, it’s true! Sleep stops us from overeating, because when our bodies are well-rested, they don’t crave exceeding amounts of energy from which we derive most quickly from food. Rest those eyes and watch the evil winter pounds stay right where they belong – far, far away from you.

2. Get out and get some SUN (when you can)
One of the biggest culprits behind wintertime weariness happens to be those gloomy gray skies. Every now and then, however, the sun decides to come out to play. When it does, you should, too! Whether it’s making a quick trip to the grocery store or taking a brisk walk for some fresh air, an assignation under the sun is just what you need to lift your mood and get a good dose of vitamin D. Can you say “bi-winning”?

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