The Numbers Game: Do You Want To Know?

What’s Your Number? hits the big screen today, and I’ve been plagued with the thought that numbers really matter. For Anna Faris’ character in the romantic comedy, exposing her number leads her on a search for the one who got away. Although the premise of the movie is more detailed than this, I am totally stuck on the idea of one revealing their number. In my mind, asking someone for their number of sexual partners is borderline disrespectful. It’s just as bad as asking, “What’s your salary” or “What’s your credit score?” It ain’t none of your business, unless you’re the bank!

While some believe it’s okay to share that information with a committed partner, my stance on the issue remains the same. I am a firm believer of leaving things from the past right where they are. I don’t need to know how many chicks he has banged during drunken binges or care to know how many he has made sweet love to. Plain and simple, don’t tell me.

Curiosity is a tugging emotion, so for me to claim there isn’t a small part of me that has no interests in my man’s past lovers would be a lie. What keeps me from asking is the belief that there is nothing to gain from having this knowledge. Knowing a number would cause more harm than good, and I don’t want to be judged for my number (especially since I’m okay with it).

I mean, what is your response supposed to be when your man tells you his number is 56? Do you totally forget all the time and energy you put into the relationship because his number is heftier than you expected it to be? Or do you overlook it? If you know a number has the potential to be the elephant in the room when it comes to relationships, why not just avoid it if possible?

When you use a someone’s number to try and gauge what kind of person you’re in a relationship with, you are setting yourself up for a major fail in love.  If you keep checking for what was in the past, very little can be attained in the future.

So tell me, Vixens– Do you reveal your number?