The Swizz Beatz Report: Are We Obsessed With Celebrity Love?

It’s incredible, and even laughable at times. Celebrities are our complete and absolute entertainment. Since the beginning of fame, not only are “regular folks” enthralled by VIPs’ talents and heightened sense of artistic passion, but we’re captivated by the most intimate crevices of their personal lives. It’s as if watching someone else play their roles on the stage of life and love is way better than over-thinking our own happenings. If you disagree, explain Beyoncé’s pregnancy reveal shattering the Twitter record for tweets per second? Try rifling through your bag of knowledge to logically piece together why Kelis and Nas’ messy divorce broke our hearts as it did theirs. More so, tell me: Did you race to see Christina Milian’s tweets when The Dream was caught romping with some unidentified female, or pander obsessively in the #TeamAmber and #TeamKanye debacle? You probably did.

Rightfully, and recently, Swizz Beatz’ unlawful actions (or alleged actions) with singer Christina Elizabeth incited some shouts of disappointment, a few “I told you so” remarks from pro-Mashonda peeps and heart pangs for Alicia Keys lovers. Regardless of your beliefs in how Alicia acquired the heart of the super producer, you somehow cannot refuse your right to feast upon the media fodder. You’ve raced to Bossip to read @XtinaLizzy’s statement on the matter, while constantly refreshing your homepage to see if A. Keys and her hubby laughed it off… again.

Are we overly invested? Yep. We damn sure are. And since this dying generation of pop culture is totally celeb love-consumed, how exactly should we react to such news?

Our favorite celebrity couples are always going to have some shit with them. I mean, whether it’s a tell-all book from the groupie community, a buzzing rumor about suspected infidelity, a bastard child or, in this case, a few leaked text messages, it’s hard to put our faith in celebrity couples these days. Look how Will and Jada almost shattered black love a few weeks back! If Beyoncé and Jay (God forbid) don’t weather the marital storm, could you handle it? Would you burn your Blueprint collection and rebuke the Roc?

Our allegiance to the union of two stars seems endless, and I guess we’re all just marching to the beat of the times. Media serves it up, we get our fill and regurgitate accordingly.

Are you drinking the celeb-obsessed kool-aid? Spill it!