The Vixen Guide to Twitter

The Vixen Guide to TwitterSince its inception five years ago, Twitter has revolutionized how we talk, watch TV, experience events and live life. Instead of flipping on the TV to watch the news, we turn to Twitter to find out what’s happening in the world. And if we want to converse with our favorite artists, we no longer have to wait for hours after a show, we simply fire off a tweet (or 10) and hope they hit us back.

As the world becomes more technologically advanced, it has also become smaller and smaller. And although sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn make it easier for us to keep up with our friends and make new ones, they can also quickly spell disaster if you get a little reckless.

Increasingly employers, schools, landlords, and potential boos check social networks to see exactly who you are when you think no one is looking. So just like you wouldn’t dare leave your house looking a mess, don’t get caught looking crazy online either.

Because we love you, Vixens (and don’t want you to get “Anthony Weiner’d”), here are five steps for getting your tweet on without embarrassing yourself.

1)     Know Your Goal: Ask yourself; are you on Twitter representing yourself, your company, or your job? If you’re running your own business, or tweeting for your job, have separate accounts. The last thing you want to do is talk about getting drunk and being too hung over to go to work when the bosses are watching.

2)     Bury the Dead Bodies: What happens online, does not stay online. So before you fire off that suggestive sext or Amber Rose-esque ass shot, think long and hard. Although the receiver may ensure you it’ll just stay with him, assume it won’t. If you’re ok with seeing your naked photos or suggestive tweets surface online, then cool, proceed. But if you think you might want to be somebody one day, keep all of your skeletons locked safely away in the closet.

3)     Guard Your Personal Life: There is absolutely no reason to give out your phone number or address on Twitter. It seems like common sense, but I’ve seen plenty of profiles that include the person’s cell phone number. Don’t do it. You not only open yourself up to be harassed offline, but you could possibly be opening the door to being a crime victim. If you connect with someone interesting on Twitter and you want to exchange info, great, but do so privately, not on your public timeline.

4)     Don’t Use Twitter As a Therapist: Oversharing is easy online, but you shouldn’t put all of your business out in the tweets. Sure, everyone feels a little emo at times, but constantly wondering why you’re single, or venting about your man, or talking about how lonely you are is…well…depressing. Instead of using Twitter as your freebie therapist, see a real one. Nobody wants a Debbie Downer in their timeline.

5)     Be Discrete: If you’re into someone you meet online, take it to the DMs. While there is absolutely nothing wrong crushing on a Twitter cutie, don’t play yourself and try to approach him or her out in the open. If you want to get to know someone you’ve met on Twitter, keep your interest out of your timeline, and drop them a direct message or email telling them what’s up. That way if he isn’t interested (or already has a boo), you don’t have to suffer the public awkwardness of having your rejection retweeted by all of his followers (and yours).

Social networks are massive, but using them has shrunken our world down to size. Although you can meet many wonderful people, grow your business or find a mate using social networking, you can also ruin your life.  Vixens, think before you tweet! It’ll save you a whole lot of headaches and heartaches in the long run.

-Britni Danielle