The Vixen Survival Guide to an All-Night Study Session

Let’s face it, Vixens. Being a 24-hour Wonder Woman doesn’t exactly come easy. Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day. At one point we might have to stay up for an extra few hours just to get a time-sensitive assignment, project or test-preparation done. In an event to make these midnight hours come alive, VIBE Vixen is providing you with the ultimate survival guide to help motivate you through an all-night study session. Yesterday, we presented 5 Ways to Ensure Getting an “A” in class, so let’s put number 3–studying–to practice. Check out these tips below on the proper music, the importance of a study space, energizing snacks and more! Be sure to take notes!

1. Organize A Study Space

Take a moment to survey the space around you. Is the space clean? Do you have a clear place to sit? Is there a clear work space? Do you have enough lighting? If you answered yes, to any of these questions, then congratulations! You have the perfect study space! If you answered no, then before you crack open your Biology book or work on your project, organize a study space. While pulling an all-nighter, it’s the little things that distract us: a misplaced item, a spare dime on the floor or a note from the cutie in class you forgot to throw away. What you decide to sit on can determine if you’ll finish the task sitting in a desk chair or end up drifting off to sleep while sitting on the plush couch or bed. Similar to the ancient Chinese act of Feng Shui, the right study space is the base which will determine your level of success. The way you start out determines the way you’ll finish.

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