The Vixen Survival Guide to an All-Night Study Session

7. Rejuvenate!

At the end of your all night study session, reward yourself with a warm shower before crawling into bed. A warm shower will not loosen up the muscles tensed throughout the night, but will allow you to have a restful and disruptive sleep. If there’s not any time to sleep, wake yourself up with an apricot, peach, or grapefruit based scrub (i.e. St. Ives, Neutrogena) to clean deep into your pores and revivify your face. Grab a piece of fruit such as grapefruit itself, an orange or a banana before breakfast to give yourself added energy. Engage in a few yoga poses or exercise focused on breath, to allow your body, mind, and spirit to center itself before beginning the day. After an all night study session, you deserve it!

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