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La La: Reality Star Power
Alani “La La” Anthony’s newfound level of stardom has the power to reshape reality and influence pop culture in a more positive way. She first walked into our hearts by way of TV screens set to MTV’s Total Request Live after an average school day, and the hazel-eyed 22-year-old youngster brought the show flavor with a look and voice incredibly able to capture an audience. You may not have had the keen instinct at the time, but La La was in the beginning stages of what has become, today, a major blogger blitz with all eyes on her. Fast forward four years from her last days in the 1515 building, and you find her now married to Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony, being a mommy to four-year-old son Kiyan and completely reigning as reality television’s sweetheart. (Continue Reading…)

Reality’s Angels: Kita Williams & Monique Jackson Help Define Your Pretty
As Terrell Owens’ right and left hand, Kita Williams and Monique “Mo” Jackson properly assume the role of his guardian angels, but they’re ready to take flight to some new empowering heights outside of their executive-produced baby, The T.O. Show. These cocoa-skinned boss women have created beauty brand Define Your Pretty and realized their ability to help young women build esteem through complete self-awareness. (Continue Reading…)

Draya Michele: Basketball’s Bad Girl
Reality television needs a villain in most cases, and who other than model and actress Draya Michele to do the job on Basketball Wives: LA? The 26-year-old shows no shame about her spotless résumé owns her faults and her position as The Wives’ biggest threat. With a child endangerment arrest under her belt and a few risqué stunts, it’s easy for storms of misconceptions to come swirling this bossy Aquarius. (Continue Reading….)

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