Throw It In The Bag: A Guideline to Healthy Retail Therapy

Have you ever spent way too much money on shoes and regretted it afterwards? Realized you just spent a month’s worth of rent on a purse? Yikes! In our most vulnerable times, we’ve all fell victim to online shopping, random sales, and stopping by the mall to get our minds off what’s been bothering us. If you’re going to be stressed, down and out, why not look cute doing it, right?

Well, sort of.

We have a little advice on how you can continue to relieve a stressful week without killing your pockets. The following guidelines were created to help you balance the temptation. We believe in you, Vixens! Slowly, put away your wallet.

1. Allocate Your Funds
Set aside a specific amount of money each payday and cut back on unnecessary items. Example: You can accommodate your shopping habits by eliminating fast food from your daily expenses. Take a little extra time out in the mornings to make your lunch and save eating out for weekends. You’ll probably save an estimate of $30 per week in food alone.

2. Collect Coupons
Don’t ever be ashamed to pull out your coupons or shop in the clearance section. Just dig deep! You may be surprised to know that some of the most unique clothes are sold in thrift stores! It all depends on your style and how you can put pieces together. Just remember: The more you save, the more you get. Retail-Me-Not is an amazing place to look for deals. Just type in the name of the store you’re looking to buy from and up comes online and printable coupons.

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