Throw It In The Bag: A Guideline to Healthy Retail Therapy

3. Ignore Catalogs and Newsletters
Those items you’re dying for that are floating around in your inbox will always be on sale. Just look at how many times a month you get Buy 3 Get 1 Free, $10 Off  or free shipping offers. Aside from seasonal sales, they rotate–it’s a trick! Plus, free shipping is not always a deal if you’re shopping small. Try going to the actual store instead. Don’t worry about something being out of stock or not sold in the location of the store you’re at. Most companies do site-to-store FREE shipping. And you don’t have to spend $100 to be eligible.

4. Prioritize
In the case of “Want vs. Need,” feed your family and pay your bills first. Don’t spend money you don’t have. That includes using credit cards. If you don’t really need it, wait until you have enough money to fully pay for it. You don’t want to spend 2-3 months putting money on a dress you only wore once and don’t plan on wearing again, which brings us to our last tip…

5. Purchase Smart
Truly think about your style when you’re purchasing new things. Ask yourself these questions: Do I really like it, or are my girls and store associates pressuring me to get it? Will I wear it again? Is it calling my name or do I just want it because it’s trending? Shop for quality, multiple usage, and make sure you’re shopping with a whole outfit in mind. There’s nothing worse than having pieces of clothing with nothing to match.

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