T.I. Wins Legal Battle For Akoo Clothing

While things seem to always go wrong for Atlanta rapper T.I., he recently scored a major win in court over his Akoo clothing line trademark.

 The messy situation started when Akoo International filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against the rapper in March of 2010, following a controversial billboard ad in Newark, New Jersey that featured a young woman kneeling in front of a man, pulling down at his Akoo jeans, with her tongue sticking out. The billboard ad was so offensive that it caught the attention of the city’s major, Cory Booker, who condemned the ad and had it taken down due to negative press and pressure from local activists. 

This past Friday, a federal judge refused to grant Akoo International an injunction against T.I.’s clothing line, ruling that insufficent evidence was given to prove that consumers are being confused by the names. The judgement would have barred the rapper from using the name in commerce. The lawsuit is still ongoing, but the judge allowed T.I.’s Akoo clothing line to continue using the Akoo trademark. 

After serving 11 months of a year-long sentence, T.I. was released from federal custody on September 15th and is currently finishing up his sentence in an Atlanta halfway house. He is due to be released September 29th, but must still complete a year of probation. –Shabazz

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