Today In WTF News – Woman’s Afro Gets Searched By TSA

Someone at airport security has been watching too many Pam Grier movies. Apparently, they really believe that Afros are hiding places for weapons. Dallas-based hairstylist, Isis Brantley discovered this first hand as Atlanta’s airport made her submit to an Afro search.

Due to the invasive and according to Blantley, aggressive nature of the agent’s technique, she didn’t enjoy her unwanted massage. “She was digging in my scalp,” she told NBC News. “I was outraged … I was humiliated. I was confused.” A TSA statement says the agent offered Brantley the chance to be Afro-searched in private, but Brantley disputes that claim. A supervisor at the airport apologized for the incident.

Why would hair need to be searched if they have full body scanners? 

Watch the story below:

What are your thoughts about this? Does this open the door for more types of discimination?

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