Troy Davis Willing To Take Polygraph Test Before Execution

Without time to spare, the Georgia man accused of murdering a police officer, has offered to take a polygraph test to prove his innocence.

Yesterday (Sept. 20), VIBE reported Troy Davis was denied clemency and scheduled to face the death penalty by lethal injection today at 7:30 local time in Georgia.

“Troy is so insistent of his innocence that he is willing to take a polygraph. I think it’s a bit of a risky strategy. Polygraph tests are not the most solid type of evidence,” said Laura Moye, a spokeswoman for Amnesty. “There are a number of legal filings at a number of different courts that they (his lawyers) are trying to see what they might be able to do to try and stop this execution.”

Seven of nine witnesses have changed or recanted their testimony in this case. Several have even said they were coached by police to testify against Davis, while others say another man committed the crime. Adding to that, no physical evidence was found linking Davis to the actual crime.

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