True Blood Finale Recap: Fairy Vagina, Threeway Breakups, Tara Can’t Be Dead…Can She?

Last night’s True Blood finale was possibly one of the best season finales on that show so far. There were multiple deaths, Russell Edgerton has escaped, former vampire hater/minister, Steve Newlin is back..and he is now a vampire, Pam hates Sookie and Sookie broke it off with both her vampire loves.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. But here are our questions that we want you to answer:

1. Why the heck did that fairy woman want to have sex with Andy?

2. Why didn’t Sookie blast light from her hands when Debbie attacked her?

3. Is Tara really dead? Say it ain’t so. She’s such a great character on the show that we refuse to believe that she could be dead after all that she has been through. Hopefully Bill or Eric will sense Sookie’s fear and rage and come rushing through the door to deliver a vampire blood fix.

4. How awesome are Pam’s quotes when she’s upset? Fairy vagina for the win!

5. How badaasssss will it be to have Russell Edgerton and Steve Newlin tag teaming as the season five villains?