True Story: 5 Questions We Want Nas To Answer In His New Autobiography

Question 1: When did the beef between you and Jay-Z really begin?

Was it back when Jay was messing around with your ex-girl Carmen Bryan? Or when you were supposed to jump on a track on Reasonable Doubt and reportedly didn’t show up to record your verse? Or when he took shots at you on “Takeover”?  Exactly when did you and Jay both acknowledge that there was a rift between the two of you—and why did it take until 2001 for it all to come pouring out? Next to the tragic beef between Biggie and 2Pac, this is the beef that most of today’s hip-hop fans think about when they think about rap beef, so there better be at least one entire chapter dedicated to you breaking down your beef with Jay. Your legacies are forever tied together, so it’s only right.