Universal Happy: Quantum Physics For Vixens

We’ve all listened to our friends complain about the no-good men in their lives. Okay, maybe our friends have listened to us complain, but whatever the case, we can all agree to have been in at least one unsavory situation in relation to the opposite sex. Sometimes it seems like our past boyfriends had more in common with each other than they did with us. Some girls always seem to attract cheaters and men with hidden pasts. Whatever your issues, there is a specific reason for them.

You know how they say that negative thoughts beget negative actions? Well, I’ve been doing a little research on quantum physics, a super complicated branch of science that looks at everything in the world from the molecular level. I’ve learned that there is scientific proof of that statement. Studies have actually proven that you can literally speak both positive things and negative things into your life. Ever heard of the Law of Attraction? If you are learning to swim and you go into your lesson thinking “I can’t do this. Oh my God, I’m gonna drown,” you can imagine how that lesson’s gonna go. If you’re always saying “Men are dogs,” you will attract men who are dogs. If you’re always gossiping and talking badly about other people, don’t be surprised when you attract sneaky, backstabbing, jealous friends. Whatever you project into the universe is also projected in your life. There is power in our thoughts and words.

So I’m going on a positive energy binge, and you Vixens are welcome (and encouraged) to join me! I’m not tolerating any negativity from myself or others; I’m going to speak awesome, positive things into existence! I’m going to listen to happy music and surround myself with happy people, and see what happens. If you’re doubtful about this whole quantum physics thing and think it doesn’t work? Well, it probably won’t– for you!

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