V Exclusive: Game Calls Tyler, The Creator the ‘West Coast Eminem’

The West Coast’s presence was rather quiet on the Billboard charts before Game released his fourth solo LP, The R.E.D. Album, this past August.

Selling approximately 98,000 units in its first week, Game’s most recent project knocked Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch The Throne from the number-one spot in its third week on the charts.

He attributes his success to an unscathed work ethic that won’t let him get a minute’s rest.

“A couple of my homies went home, took showers, came back with new clothes and I was still up in the studio, recording [songs],” Game told VIBE about the recording process of The R.E.D. Album. “So that’s my dedication. I think after selling damn near 10-million albums and having platinum albums, I can’t lose sight of the dedication to the craft and my fans.

But with success comes drama for Compton’s new age menace. After throwing shots at The Throne, fans heard Game go off on a number of celebs — including Lebron James and Rihanna — on his Lil Wayne and Tyler, the Creator-assisted track “Martians vs. Goblins.”

“The reason I did that was because I was on a song with Tyler. When you’re on a song with Tyler you can say whatever the fuck you want,” he continued. “ I always say what I want but  I don’t think I  go as far as Tyler…I think he’s like the west coast Eminem.”

Game says Tyler’s willingness to say whatever is on his mind reminds him the most of a young Slim Shady.

“He don’t give a fuck. He just rhyme about whatever and it’s like right out of an open book. I like him more than I like most new rappers. He don’t really want anything other than just to rap.”

Game’s The R.E.D. Album can be purchased on iTunes now.