V Exclusive: Mike Epps Talks 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards and His Rules For The Show

This past Wednesday (Aug. 7), BET announced Mike Epps as the host for the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards. VIBE.com caught up with Epps after the news broke to speak about his hosting duties. He gave us some insight into this year’s awards show as well as rules to abide by if you’re attending the show:

VIBE: What’s going on, sir?

Mike Epps: Nothing much man. I’m trying to hold on, keep you from getting told on, you know [Laughs].

It was just revealed that you are hosting this years BET Hip Hop Awards. Are you nervous?

I feel good, it’s the third time. It’s a charm. We got brand new acts. It’s always good to be around beautiful people on the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards.

Since you’re no stranger to hosting the awards, is there anything new or crazy we can expect from you?

I’m going in on a couple of different people. It’s all gonna be fun though. You know I got to crack jokes on everybody, but they’re like family, all the rappers are like family. I don’t want them to take it personal. It’s all fun.

For anyone who may host the awards in the future, what advice would you give them?

They know its all in fun. Some comedians they let do it, some comedians they don’t…I’m one of them they gonna let do it.

What advice would you give any rappers that are coming out to the award show/ rules for the Hip-Hop Awards?

The rule for the Hip-Hop Awards is you got to bring it. Come strong or go home. Make sure them lyrics is right, make sure the beat is right. Make sure you handle your business. And you better be dressed to impress, you better have that fit to get that grip.