V Exclusive: Ne-Yo Talks Upcoming Mixtape With Kevin Hart: ‘It’s Just [Me] Having Fun’

With multiple projects in the works, the ‘Black Barry Manilow’ aka Ne-Yo filled us in on his forthcoming mixtape, hosted by Kevin Hart. 

Ne-Yo says we can expect music that reflects the funnier side of the R&B savior. The project, dubbed 101, will  also find the singer flexing his newly displayed rap skills.

“I’m doing this little mixtape thing. I had to push the album back a little bit. I got to make sure that’s all the way right.  But I’m gonna put a mixtape out very soon, Ne-Yo told VIBE. “Me and Kevin Hart got together and put some stuff together—just having fun in the studio.”
He continued: “I don’t care if you didn’t dig it because I’m not a rapper—to hell with you. The mixtape is me just having fun, so I might do a little rapping, a little singing, probably say some stuff that I wouldn’t normally say, but it’s a mixtape so we can do that.”

His new mixtape will be released before his upcoming 5th studio LP.

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