VIBE Vixen’s September Digital Issue Is Here!

VIBE Vixen: La La Anthony

VIBE Vixen’s first digital issue has been long time coming, but well worth the wait. Is it even fair to re-introduce ourselves? Our readers have loved the Vixen brand from print until now, and, honestly, to bring it to a digital space with such a warm reception is incredible! [Thanks, Vixens!]

The VV team has worked hard to give our readers what they want, so why not serve up some of your favorite reality stars as the first offering. NBA wife La La Anthony is our September cover girl with lots of commentary on what the season will bring. At the same token, Draya Michele, Kita Williams and Monique Jackson dish about their own realities, clear up some bad mouthing and explain the reality shows affect their brands, both business and personal. The negative power that reality stars and their TV personas have on today’s pop culture is immense, but is that all there is to it? The platform these women have could do great good for young Black girls who are often misunderstood, misguided and looking in the wrong places for acceptance. Positively reshaping the light on the Black female reality stars of these shows could be just what Black women need.

And what’s a Vixen without her beauty and style? We’re dropping knowledge about some need-to-know stylists, autumn trends and etiquette behaviors!

No rest until after New York Fashion Week, so we’re just getting warmed up…

Check out the first set of stories NOW and prepare to get real with us!

Stay tuned for more releases throughout the month:
September 13: Fashion, Vixen Guide to Twitter, Weaves and pledging peacefully!
September 20: Love and music, athletic eye candy and the 20 questions you’ve been DYING to ask!


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