Victor Ortiz Wants Rematch With Floyd Mayweather


The drama surrounding the controversial Floyd Mayweather vs. Victor Ortiz fight continues to linger in the sports world



Both opponents have supporters in their corner but the real questions is: when is the rematch?


Ortiz opened up about his feelings on his loss with TMZ.

“They always tell you, a referee has the upper hand. So in this case, I respect the referees at all times. The referee called his time, or whatever, and then he’s looking that way, so I made sure it was OK with the ref, and then the moment I look at the ref, I look back at Floyd, and then I get caught, Ortiz told TMZ. “I get hit. Personally I don’t think that was justice, justified. That was, like, totally unfair, but it’s OK. I’ll get him back.”

The boxer says he wants a rematch anytime Mayweather is ready to step back into the ring.