Vixen Chat: Tank Talks New Record “Compliments,” Says Every Woman Has A Savior

R&B crooner Tank is an exceptional talent. While pandering to the lustful nature of females, the father of four also sings to uplift women and their image of love. With an album in the queue and a buzzing Twitter fanbase, VIBE Vixen wanted to delve a bit deeper with the Now or Never singer. He spoke candidly about his new record “Compliments,” the fellow man candy he’s working with and the best compliments he’s ever received as a proud poppa.

VIBE VIXEN: Why did you want to lead with “Compliments” for this project?
TANK: It sets the tone. Off the top, it’s exactly where I’m going. I go on my Twitter every day, [tweet] a couple of compliments and send them out to all the ladies. It’s just going to start a chain reaction: Fellas will start complimenting their women more, and women will start feeling more appreciated more. I wanted to start this craze early where women start feeling loved and appreciated and going into the holidays and it just starts catching fire.

So you want the fellas to pay attention to this record as well?
Absolutely! When a men see what makes women feel good, they all follow. I just wanted to be the example.

You mentioned Now or Never being a musical fight for R&B, and you’ve been vocal about several great R&B artists–Lloyd, Chris Brown, Tyrese, Trey Songz. Tell me, do you feel R&B gets enough love?
It gets plenty of love. I just did a concert with about 4,000 people the other day. R&B is getting plenty of love, it’s just not… You can’t play with it. If you’re gonna do it, do it! Do it all the way and people respect that. The things that sound the same don’t’ get much of a run, but when you come with something that sets a standard or has its own identity, people respond to it. People are still responding to good music; you just have to give it to them. I think that’s what separated me for a long time. No matter what I still give quality music. The trends are one thing but good, heartfelt love songs, you can’t deny that whether it’s uptempo or slow.

Any possible collaborations with any of your fellow R&B singers for the next project?
We talked to [Jamie] Foxx the other day, and I think he’s going to jump on the record. I might as well get [Tyrese] on something, too, while he’s getting his toes wet back in the R&B game. Probably Trey [Songz]. I don’t know, might get a rap feature on there somewhere.

It was a great surprise was Drake was on the last record so that was awesome.
Yeah that was really cool. It gave a different color to what people are used to seeing me do. That was really, really awesome. I appreciate him doing that for me.

What is the best compliment you’ve ever received?
The best compliment I’ve ever received is that I’m a great father.

Aw, that’s awesome! So you’ve gotten some Daddy of the Year mugs and ties?
Yeah! [Laughs] Mugs, shirts, capes, everything.

That’s good. What’s the best compliment you’ve ever given to a woman?
Probably the same, that she’s a beautiful mother. ‘You’re awesome at what god created you to be.’

That’s awesome! What’s the worst way to give a compliment?
T: The worst way to give a compliment is when it’s a lie and she knows it. Like she can see it all over his face.

[Laughs] That’s true. We can usual pick up on a lie quickly. Any last comments on the project, on what’s coming up for you?
I just want the ladies to get ready. You know what I mean? This is dedicated to all of my ladies to let them know that there is someone out there for them. There is a savior for them someone to come and change their whole notion of everything they have been through. There’s someone to love and respect them just the same.