Vixen of the Day: Kamila Abdulhalim

Name: Kamila Abdulhalim
Age: 30
Location: Detroit, MI
Occupation: aspiring novelist & freelance columnist
Style: Afro Rocker & Urban Vintage
Beauty Fave I Can’t Live Without: Strip lashes.. they playup your eyes and liven up your face instantly! *thumbsup*
Inspired By: My beloved Mother who holds two Master degrees & instilled the love I have for learning in me at an early age; and Claire Huxtable — even though she is a fictional character, she embodied what I envisioned a successful upstanding example of an African American women is suppose to be

A Vixen is…
While I am focused on my primary goal of self0publishing my first novel, I’m resilient in being able to tailor life’s unexpected challenges & rewards in such a way to achieve that end, while still devoting my time to my community and family.