VIXENFIED: 20 Questions You’ve Been Dying To Ask

Vixen 20 QuestionsWe don’t mince words. Taking a cue  from VIBE, we thought we’d let you know just what we’ve been dying to ask. Besides, we know you’ve been scratching your heads on a few of these, too.

1. What would you rather snuggle into: Stalley’s beard or Jesse Boykins III’s hair?

2. Will you really miss Stacey Dash on Single Ladies?

Jesse Boykins | Stalley

3. Have you released your inner Kid Capri on yet?

4. Why hasn’t Nicki Minaj come out with a line of Skittles-colored wigs yet?

5. How long is the line of people waiting for Kreayshawn to fail?

6. Is it even possible for Rihanna to dress badly?

7. How many times does Toccara say “owww” or “heyyyy” on the average episode of The Ultimate Merger?

8. After threatening a fan on Twitter, does Jennifer Hudson need to be sentenced to Twitter jail?

9. Why do mother and daughter hotties Lisa Bonet and Zoe Kravitz look like sisters?

10. Don’t you miss Kanye’s Twitter rants?

11. Are you comparing Basketball Wives cast members Draya and Royce yet?

12. Are you ready for the drama that’s guaranteed to pop off on the upcoming “All-Star” Cycle of America’s Next Top Model?

13. Will there ever be another female hip-hop group as hot, cool, and vicious as Salt-N-Pepa?

14. Are Beyoncé and Keri Hilson in a race to see who can be blonder and paler?

15. Speaking of Bey, will Fantasia’s baby get the honor of going on a play date with the baby of the Roc?

Salt N Pepa | Hot Cool Vicious16.Is Elle Varner’s “Only Wanna Give It To You” featuring J. Cole a last-minute but serious contender for “Song of the Summer”?

17. Dear Maxwell, whatever happened to blackSUMMERS’night?

18. Why exactly is Autumn the season that all Vixens love?

19. Are you hoping that Lil Wayne’s tight-ass, booty-cupping animal print jeggings don’t catch on in the streets?

20. Isn’t Fashion Week the only thing you can think about these days?

… Are you happy we’re back?