What She Say? Laura Govan: “People Say He’s A Mess, And I’m A Mess”

You can’t say you didn’t see this one coming! Basketball Wives: L.A. star Laura Govan and reconciled with baller fiancé Gilbert Arenas. This week she was quoted saying:

“I feel like we’re already married though, ten years, four kids later. People say he’s a mess, and I’m a mess. You know what, we’re each other’s messes.”

Can you blame her? The mother of four has dealt with her share of crap from Mr. Arenas. He reportedly ditched her while she was pregnant with their youngest seed. A deadbeat? According to her, he might be up for Father Of The Year award. In the Essence interview, she shares that they’re both taking steps towards mature decision-making… for the family, of course.

With “BBWLA” warranting some less-than-sparkling reviews, it seems timing of their reconciliation is perfect.