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V Photos: King Vashtie Rules Fall Fashion In VIBE Shoot – Vashtie‘s taking crowns and absolutely no prisoners! In this fierce, royal photoshoot, the triple threat (music video director, shoe designer and photographer) suits up in some fall fashion to gorgeously mean grill her kingdom. Recently, she kicked it with Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar to shoot the visuals for “ADHD” from his critically acclaimed Section.80. Although she has no problem running with the boys, she’s a sweetheart and effortlessly plays dress up in a white blazer, black shoulderless shorts jumper and cobalt blue blouse for the VIBE cameras. Her looks are fit for a king, indeed! (Continue Reading…)

Khia Is Out Of Jail & Has Something To Say To Your Favorite Celebs: Khia is out of jail…again and in true Khia fashion, the female emcee has something to say. The rapper took to her MySpace blog (yes Myspace is still alive) and fired off at a number of celebrities in a rather long-winded post. Beyonce, Jay-Z, J-Lo, Lil’ Wayne,Tamar Braxton, T.I. and Kanye West are just some of the famous faces she has a few choice words for. If you can get past the profanity and belligerent remarks, there might be a trace of something coherent. Check it out below. Labor Day 2011 “Labor Day Pains” Mediafuckedout.com…….Yall gone get It.. My water broke!!!! (Continue Reading @ Sharon Carter…)

Miss Angola Takes Home The Crown!: Last night twitter was on fire as we all gave our opinions on who should win the title of Miss Universe 2011. Over 85 women all over the globe competed in Sao,Brazil to take home the prestige title but Miss Angola won! I loved her from the first time I sat eyes on her but I just didn’t think she would win. She was definitely in my top 5 and I was even in shock when they announced that this African beauty actually won! (Continue Reading @ Talking with Tami…)

The NBA Does New York Fashion Week 2011: While the lockout in the National Basketball Association [NBA] is going on, many of its players are looking to fill their time. Some are playing basketball at the famous Rucker Park or some are even playing overseas. Some are using this time to travel and spend time with family and friends. Then you have those who chose to participate in this year’s Fashion Week in New York City. (Continue Reading @ Troy Monaco…)

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