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Why Can’t Draya Get Some Love? – We’re a handful of episodes into the first season of Basketball Wives: LA and outside of the obvious comparisons between this show and the original and of course the catfights, one thing is painfully clear….nobody likes Draya. But why? I’ve watched the show along with most of America and other than seeming a little ditzy, which could just be VH1 editing, Draya seems cool as hell. Of course none of us had to spend months filming with Draya and have no clue of who she really is off screen, but judging from the show it seems like all the other wives are just, well, jealous. (Continue Reading…)

What She Say? Amber Rose Speaks On Kanye West: “He’s Bitter And I’m Not” – Amber Rose has it tough, man. At every turn, some media outlet is dogging her intellect, tagging her as just “Kanye’s ex” or praising her solely on her stacked physique. Can she catch a break? We highly doubt it. Truthfully, when you’re thrust into the spotlight via one of the hottest rappers in the game, prepare to be critiqued. You want the fame? You want the lights? Well, enjoy that shit. (Continue Reading…)

Skinny Man, Why Are You Chasing My Curves? – In the land of Gotham City where the women are super skinny or always on a diet, I proudly stand 5’9 and a coke bottle size 14. With my Amazon stature, it only makes sense that a solid and muscular Dwight Howard-carbon copy would be vying to be my knight in shining armor because he has a comparable body type. Not quite. Instead, I constantly attract the short Terrence J and slim cut Nick Cannon look-a-likes. Not that there’s anything wrong with a small man. But after dating man after man who is shorter and skinnier than me, I couldn’t help but wonder: why are these men attracted to women twice their size? (Continue Reading…)


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