When The Tone Deaf Attack! Peep This Major X-Factor Audition Fail

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t watch X-Factor just to catch the awful auditions. On one hand it’s great to see people who can actually sing, but it’s the awesomely bad people who are the highlight of the show in the beginning.

What’s even better about bad X-Factor auditions is that the bad just keeps getting awesomely worse. Enter 29-year-old Ashley Sansone, whose delusion put Miami to shame. In her world, “people automatically assume she’s a pop star.” But in real life, uh…just watch for yourself. Let’s just say Janis Joplin is probably rolling in her grave right now:

We think that was an attempt at “Piece of My Heart.”

How deliciously brutal was LA Reid’s insult? Harsh but true.

We implore you, if you have a loved one who can’t sing, keep letting them think they can so that we can laugh at them on X-Factor and write posts about it. Thanks in advance.