Why Alicia Keys Needs to Not Respond to Rumors

This week the Internet was a buzz with stories of rapper Swizz Beatz allegedly cheating on his soul singing wife Alicia Keys. Some sites seemed heartbroken by the alleged news, others over the moon with glee because in their eyes “what goes around, comes around.” Of course no one will ever know for sure whether the “news” was actually true or whether Swizz’s elaborate gift of a car to Alicia for his birthday was in fact an “I’m sorry” gift as some speculate, and frankly I’m not sure that we should even care. One interesting outcome of this situation however has been people’s need to hear Alicia Keys’ response to the rumors. People actually want her to openly shoot down and defend her marriage in the public eye, but why should she?

It’s true that as a celebrity Alicia lives a majority of her life in the public eye, but that doesn’t mean every single, solitary detail of her life needs to be made public. When Alicia stood up before her family and friends to pledge her life to her husband she (hopefully) knew exactly what she was getting into. She hopefully knew all about his better, his worst and their collective karma. More important than that, when Alicia stood to take her vows nowhere in them did she vow to keep the public abreast of her relationship’s trials and tribulations, good times and bad times. The relationship and subsequent issues or alleged issues between her and her husband are just that…between her and her husband. She is not required to stand in front of the firing squad and defend her marriage against rumors and negative hearsay. She doesn’t have to constantly sing her husband’s praises in order to reassure a gossip hungry public that all is well in the Beatz household. She doesn’t owe us anything.