Why Alicia Keys Needs to Not Respond to Rumors

Whether these rumors prove to be true or not, it is for Alicia to handle within the privacy of her home and relationship. Responding to hearsay via Twitter, blogs, radio or red carpet interview not only disrespects the sanctity of her marriage, but only adds fuel to the fire because there is no doubt that the most innocent of statements will be twisted to add more drama to the story. She doesn’t owe anyone a public defense of a private matter, especially if the matter at hand is simply a rumor. Responding will only do more harm than good and feed into an already intrusive public that clearly has an obsession with the private lives of celebrities. If I were Alicia I would simply let tongues wag. Let the blogs write their stories, let the radio hosts say that it’s karma, let people talk. The only person she needs to respond to is Swizz because at the end of the day the relationship she’s in is not between her and the media, it’s between her and her husband and it should stay that way.