Why Are Black Women So Upset With This Tyra Banks-Featured Hairstylist?

Apparently, JoAnn Robertson’s tress tips may not be as expert as they sound. Black women are in a fury over the natural hair care advice this hairstylist has given on Tyra Banks’ beauty website, TypeF, claiming that the stylist’s own hair is in no condition for her to be telling other women what to do with theirs.

From Bossip: “Natural hair ladies are outraged by videos featured on Tyra Bank’s site. They feature a woman claiming to be a hairstylist giving styling advice to women with natural hair. In the video she combs dry hair from the roots, throws a headband on and calls the hairstyle fancy, and recommends glycerin to keep moisture from from ruining hair when glycerin actually attracts moisture! Another complaint is how damaged her hair looks and how her edges are nearly gone. A woman whose hair looks like that shouldn’t be giving tips. I wonder if these stylists are really licensed, and where did they find these people???”

Do you cosign with these women’s anger?

Check out some of Robertson’s videos here!