Why Can’t Draya Get Some Love?

We’re a handful of episodes into the first season of Basketball Wives: LA and outside of the obvious comparisons between this show and the original and of course the catfights, one thing is painfully clear….nobody likes Draya. But why? I’ve watched the show along with most of America and other than seeming a little ditzy, which could just be VH1 editing, Draya seems cool as hell. Of course none of us had to spend months filming with Draya and have no clue of who she really is off screen, but judging from the show it seems like all the other wives are just, well, jealous.

They’re constantly bringing up her past mistakes as if they don’t have hefty bags full of skeletons in their closets. They hate on all her high profile romances and label her a jump off, but I’m sure they all dated more than their share of athletes or entertainers before they found one that didn’t want to run away. They judge her for being a former stripper, when we all know they take pole dances for “exercise” to learn all of the same moves to please their men. Instead of genuinely taking time to get to know Draya, they all seem to be on a mission to bring her down. I mean come on, Google searches and background checks on someone you’ve brushed off as nothing more than a groupie? Why go that far? If you don’t like her, don’t associate with her, the end. No need to waste precious minutes of your life digging for dirty little secrets to try and shame her with as validation for your hate. I thought they were supposed to be adults?

I’ll tell you why they go that far. In Draya they see themselves. See, they used to be Draya. Young, beautiful, hot body, carefree and the perfect prize for any man. They used to be a little ditzy, used to have the eye of every athlete on their asses. They remember what it was like to constantly be apart of the nightlife living it up, having fun and getting approached by other women’s husbands. Maybe a time or two they even dated someone else’s husband. In Draya they see the threat they used to be to married women and maybe they even see a little karma. Is it possible that Draya is a b*tch? Sure, but we all can be. Is it possible that she’s made some bad choices and big mistakes? Sure, but none of us have lived perfect lives. I think the other wives are simply projecting their fears and jealousy onto someone who is just trying to find her way, much like they once were.

I don’t know Draya in real life, but from the looks of things she just seems like a young woman, working hard and figuring her way through this thing called life. She seems quirky and I wouldn’t mind listening to her corny jokes or learning a few of her stripper moves. She may not get any love from any of the other Basketball Wives, but until given a reason, Draya can always get some love over here…let the other wives hate on that. #TeamDraya

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