Why Evelyn’s Tranny/Weave Comment Rubbed Us the Wrong Way

Evelyn’s known for her memorable and cutting phrases from the infamous “You’re a non-m*th*rf*cking factor b*tch,” to the recent “You’re not in the circle.” While neither were necessarily polite, her latest commentary takes the cake.

On Twitter, of all the disrespectful tweets she receives (in reference to her and others she interacts with), she chose the following:

Kita and Evelyn have been at odds publicly for quite some time. While Terrell Owens, who Kita works for, and Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, who Evelyn is engaged to, are best friends, the women are known enemies.

Their rift first started when Mo of The T.O. Show did a video interview with Hip Hollywood calling Evelyn the real “non-m*th*rf*cking factor” and “a walking yeast infection.” Kita can be seen in the background egging Mo on.

The conflict has reached its pinnacle with Evelyn’s latest tweet. Though the words didn’t stem from her mouth, we think Evelyn should have known better than to endorse such an inflammatory statement by retweeting it. Furthermore, many Twitter users felt the tweet reeks of racial insensitivity. The tweet Evelyn sent out points out that Kita wears a weave as if that’s an insult. We know women of all races wear weave including many of Evelyn’s friends. Moreover, people perceive that the ‘tranny’ comment was a stab at Kita’s pronounced facial features—a wide nose and full lips—which critics are linking to her ethnicity. The fact that Evelyn is engaged to an African-American man whom she called a “n-gger,” and surrounded by African-American “friends” on the hit reality show Basketball Wives only exacerbates the situation.

Do you think Evelyn’s retweet was racially motivated? What do you think of her conflict with Kita?