Why Every Vixen Should Own a Bonnet Dryer

Most vixens try to avoid it at all costs, but the benefits of sitting under a hard bonnet dryer are so worth the discomfort. Sure, there are alternatives to sitting under the dryer (blow dryers and curling irons which may be a little more time- efficient, but both can damage the structure of your hair shaft with regular use. A bonnet dryer is a wonderful investment if you’re looking to “moisturize your situation and preserve your sexy” [c] Diddy.

Whether your tresses are relaxed, color-treated, or natural, moisture is critical for healthy hair. Hair that is naturally curly or kinky tends to be drier and more fragile than straight hair, so the key is to not only coat the surface of the hair shaft but to ensure whatever moisturizing product you use actually penetrates your strands. Using a shower cap or warm towel to generate body heat during a deep conditioning treatment is great, but the extra heat from sitting under a bonnet dryer will open up your hair cuticle and allow it to soak up the nutrients from your treatment. A bonus is that a bonnet dryer can cut your deep conditioning time in half. Twenty minutes under the dryer once a week and you’ll notice a difference in no time!

A variety of looks can be achieved with the help of a bonnet dryer. As a natural-haired vixen, I love that my flexi- rod set can look just as fresh as it did when I was relaxed, without direct heat. Sitting under the dryer “sets” your curly hairstyles and they’ll last much longer than they would if you were to use a curling iron.

If you’re a twistout/braidout kinda gal, you can reap the same benefits from sitting under a bonnet dryer. When I used to rock twistouts, I kept them in for an extra day after washing to achieve a defined, shiny set. 30 minutes to an hour under the dryer eliminates the need for keeping your twists in for an extra day. Plus you’ll never have to go to bed with wet hair!

A bonnet dryer can run you anywhere from 30 dollars up to the hundreds, but there’s no need to run out and spend an arm and a leg on the kind you find at a professional salon. Most beauty supply stores have an assortment of dryers for the low- low, and as long as they have at least three different settings (low, medium, high) you’re in business. Happy drying!

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