Why We Believe in Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa’s Love

Forget everything you may have heard about Amber Rose. She was a stripper, she chases fame, she leaked her own nude photos, etc. One thing we DO know and can all agree on: that woman is in love.

There’s something about her glow when she is with Wiz Khalifa that is not fabricated or manufactured for fame in any way. With him, it seems she’s found that whole, unwavering, all-encompassing kind of love that we can all tip our hats to. She literally swells with pride at his every accomplishment, she feels confident and encouraged enough to step in the studio for the first time with him at her side, she has met his mother and loves her to death, she can’t stop talking about him, she can’t keep her hands off of him.

There’s a passion you can clearly see in their feelings for each other that is refreshing and endearing. Even when they’re making out on the red carpet, we can’t help but appreciate the kind of love that drives you so crazy that you can’t help but act out a bit in public. She’s overjoyed and over the moon about a man she calls “the love of her life,” and if that’s not something to scream from the rooftops, what is?

We even love that Wiz is equally sprung. In fact, he’s so head over heels for Amber that he serenaded her onstage in front of hundreds at his sold-out concert. It’s thrilling to see a man so openly express his love for his girlfriend at an age when juggling multiple lovers and avoiding commitment seems like the glorified norm.

We also can’t help but commend how they stayed above the fray when Amber’s more-famous ex, Kanye West, took shots at the couple during his performance at Coachella. He rapped “I don’t do anything for that blonde dyke, and she’ll do anything when the time’s right” and his and Wiz’s camps were reportedly involved in a scuffle following the show. Yes his modified rhyme was a low blow but it clearly had little impact on Amber’s happiness with Wiz, which proves, without a shadow of doubt, that she is truly happy—so happy that her ex’s antics no longer phase her.

Sure women turn their noses up at Amber because she used to be a stripper and because they express their feelings with tattoos of each others’ names on their fingers, but the fact is: love, true love is something that should be celebrated. And from the looks of it, that’s exactly what Amber has found.

What do you think of her relationship with Wiz? Do you think it’s genuine?