Wiz Khalifa Receives His Best Birthday Gift Ever…

According to MTV News, the three drug charges (one including drug trafficking) against Amber Rose’s PDA-pal, Wiz Khalifa, were all dropped yesterday due to a few errors during the time of arrest last November in Pill County, North Carolina. 

District Attorney Clark Everett Everett says the the trafficking charge was a blunder due to the amount of marijuana confiscated from the bus — slightly more than 2 ounces, according to Greenville, North Carolina’s The Daily Reflector — didn’t meet the 10-pound count required to charge Wiz.

At the time of his arrest, Khalifa paid off a hefty amount  to cover a $300,000 bond for himself and the nine other men arrested, something that was also recorded as a mistake, given the actual nature of the charges.

“The magistrate or someone at that office must have misread the statute. We discovered the error maybe two hours after [Khalifa] paid the bondsman’s premium and left,” says Everett. “Because of that, it was a high price he paid for bringing the drug onto campus. Had he remained to discover the error, he would not have been bonded so high. Probably $1,000.”

Happy 24th Wiz!