‘X-Factor USA’ Recap – Are You A Fan?

X-Factor USA is finally on TV after months of buzz. But the question is, now that you’ve seen the premiere, will you continue to watch?

Here’s a few highlights from last night’s show:

The First contestant was 13-year-old Rachel Crowe, who sang Duffy’s “Mercy” (better than most adults, might we add).  Check this out:

Here’s more stuff we like:

Simon Cowell is back! Oh, how we miss his snark!

LA Reid in addition to Simon Cowell is going to be a brutally honest bloodbath that we can’t wait to watch at the expense of some poor souls who should have been told years ago that they can’t sing.

Paula Abdul’s irrational niceness. We get it, there has to be at least one good cop, even if it’s too good.

And how can we forget the classic auditions phase? How awkward was it at the Seattle auditions when Geo Godley dropped his pants while singing? Nicole Scherzinger and Paula were sick and Reid was absolutely disgusted.

“That was offensive, disgusting, distasteful, upsetting—get him out of the building, please,” he insisted.

And this is only the begininng. So again, we ask you, will you watch X-Factor? Does it have what it takes to rival American Idol?