2 Chainz Reveals ‘T.R.U. Realigon’ Features From Young Jeezy, Jadakiss, Kreayshawn, and More

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Once a part of Ludacris’ DTP rap crew, 2 Chainz (aka Tity Boi) has grown into one of the hottest names from the South as a solo artist. His string of mixtapes, including his Tupac influenced Me Against The World, All Ice On Me and Trap-A-Velli have kept 2 Chainz on a relentless tour schedule.The rapper tells VIBE he’s already performed over 120 shows this year.

Though, he remains in close contact with Luda, the ATL native is focused on pushing forward on his own two feet. Chainz last scored big in 2007 with “Duffle Bag Boyz” as part of the rap duo Playaz Circle, with partner Dolla Boy. More than 4 years later, 2 Chainz has caught national attention again with his mixtape hit “Spend It.”

Currently, Chainz is working on a new street album, titled T.R.U. Realigon. He told VIBE the release features guest appearances from Raekwon, Young Jeezy, Jadakiss, Birdman, Yo Gotti and the unexpected, Kreayshawn.

“We got Kreayshawn on there and she don’t even stuff with nobody,” 2 Chainz tells VIBE. “She really just wanted to shoot “Spend It” at first. I always heard she was just a fan and through Twitter we just ended up communicating. I think right around when she got that deal.”

Chainz also elaborated on his collabo, “Letter To The Rap Game,” with NY vet Raekwon

“Letter to the rap game/ hip-hop I’m a product of the trap, mane/when crack came I didn’t know how to act, mane,” 2 Chainz rapped at Bond45 steakhouse in Midtown Manhattan, explaining the song’s hook.

Fans can expect “Slangin’ Birds” featuring Birdman and Yo Gotti to make the final version of T.R.U. Realigon, which is slated for release on November 1st. –Mikey Fresh