3 Reasons We Need To Support ‘Milk + Honey’


The wait is over! The highly anticipated new Idris Elba produced web series, “Milk + Honey” is finally here. “Milk + Honey” follows four African-American women and their life journeys in the City of Angels and stars Lance Gross, Debbie Allen, Bryce Wilson, Faune Chambers, and newcomer to the game, Asha Kamali. The response to the first episode has been amazing, and if we hope to see more shows like “Milk + Honey” on our screens, we need to show our support! Here are three reasons why you should support “Milk + Honey.”

Real Diversity
With the only real images of African American women on screens limited to Madea or Basketball Wives, it’s great to see a show with such diverse imagery. African American women are so much more than neck snapping, back talking, bar fighting, money hungry side pieces or arm candy. Our men are so much more than deadbeat baby daddies, abusers, athletes and criminals. Shows like “Milk + Honey” can show us in a different light and with our support can go from an occasional occurrence, to the standard in programming.

For Us, By Us
We as a people often complain about how the media tells our story. Stories that are about us, but not told by people who are like us. For all our complaining, we often times still support the negative images portrayed of us and just hope that someone will actually get it right one day. Well someone has. “Milk + Honey” is a show about African Americans told from the African American perspective. No neck rolling here, just real life. Finally someone who looks like us is telling our story and doing a good job of it.

Supporting African American Actors and Actresses
There is no doubt that when it comes to the world of television and film we are severely underrepresented. There are numerous established and up and coming African American actors and actresses that deserve the spotlight, but never seem to truly get their moment. Shows like “Milk + Honey” provide a platform for those talents to shine. If Hollywood isn’t going to make a way for us, then we need to make a way for ourselves and supporting shows like “Milk + Honey” that support the African American talents that we all know and love is the first step in letting the rest of the world know that we mean business.

milk + honey: episode 1 from brown paper dolls on Vimeo.

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